What is Mantle Cell Lymphoma?

Mantle cell lymphoma is a subtype of B-cell or B-Lymphocyte lymphoma categorized under Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This type of lymphoma is due to a..

Typhoid – Mary Mallon

She was an ignorant, ill-tempered woman, but an excellent cook. However, Typhoid Mary Mallon’s refusal to accept the fact she was a healthy..

14 Benefits of Rope Skipping!

Skipping sounds as an inexpensive and simple exercise that can be performed anywhere, either be at your home or a nearby park, you..

Main Functions of Management

There are four main functions of management. 1. Planning. 2. Organizing. 3. Leading. 4. Controlling. Planning. Planning is an important managerial function. It..

Symptoms of Lymphoma in Women

Symptoms of lymphoma in women are generally the same as for men. Lymphoma often develops quietly and with few symptoms so it may..